Life with a premie part 1

Imagine, you’re  21 weeks pregnant, you get up from your couch and feel like you peed your pants.  You go into the bathroom to change and clean yourself up, only to find blood covering your thighs and legs.  This happened to me for a month.  I was constantly calling my dr.  And all I got was ” sounds like you have a UTI (urinary tract infection).  After about 2 weeks of bleeding I began having contractions.  Now I’ve had 3 babies at this time.  I delivered each and every one of them vaginally without any medication.  So I know what contractions feel like.  Never in my 3 previous pregnancies have I had contractions like this.  They made me buckle over in pain and fall to the floor crying, and I have a high pain tolerance. But once again I was told it was a UTI.

The third week Michael was a drill (weekend training for the national gaurd) and I was off with my sister bar hopping (I was the designated driver).  Before we even left town the contractions and bleeding started.  I couldn’t even drive.  My sister rushed me to the emergency room in the small town about 25 minutes from us.  They couldn’t do anything for me so I had to call Michael to come get me and take me to a larger town.

We arrived at the other emergency room at about 11:30pm. This was 4 and a half hours since the contractions had started.  They sent us up to labor and delivery where I was changed into a gown and had an IV placed.  I was told the on call doctor wanted to look at my most recent ultrasounds (about 2 days old) and then she would be in.  About 10 minutes later here comes the ultrasound tech.  They couldn’t even read my ultrasounds from my doctoring hospital!!!  They had to do the ultrasounds over.  Regular and vaginal ultrasounds at the same time.  Now I’m contracting and bleeding and I have a huge ultrasound rod all up in me and then another ultrasound pushing down on my stomach.  To say the least, it was painful.

Apparently my placenta had been slowly tearing away from the lining of my uterus. She gave me some medication to stop the contractions and some for me to take home in case they started up again and I made an appointment with her for the following week.

In the middle of all of this we had just bought a house and were moving that week.  I felt helpless as the doctor told me I couldn’t lift more than 5 pounds.  I watched idly as my family hauled our household into our new home.  Yelling at me if I even thought of touching a box.

The next day I planned to go to a near by city for a doctor’s appointment for Cain.  I woke up and got the kids ready to go and the contractions started.  I took the medication the doctor had sent home with me only to find out they weren’t working.  When my sister got to my house I was buckled over crying my eyes out.  As she stood in front of me asking what she could do I remember looking up at her, still crying, and asked “what did I do to deserve this?”

We got the kids in the car and called Michael to meet us at the hospital.  When we arrived we were sent to labor and delivery. When I got to the nurses station I said ” I’m 25 weeks pregnant and I’m in labor!”  Guess what that nurse told me!  “Sounds like you have a UTI.”  ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW! A FUCKING UTI?  She got me into a room and told me to change into the hospital gown and she would be back in a few minutes to see how I was doing.  35 minutes later here she comes.  I tell her I’m still having contractions and they are closer together.  She just rolls her eyes and says “well I guess I can check you.”  Well no fucking shit you should check me I’m only 25 weeks pregnant!!!  She sits down in front of me and checks me.  Then her face changed from this is a waste of my time to holy shit I need the doctor.  She looked up at me and said “you’re 4cm and your bag is bulging!”  Yeah well I could have told you that.

As we wait for the doctor an IV is put in and an ultrasound done.  Baby is breach (head up not down).  Now what?  We need to do an emergency c-section they tell me.  But first they shoot me up with all of these steroids to make baby’s lungs stronger.

I’m off to the surgical room.  Michael wasn’t aloud to go with me.  I’m freaking out at this point.  They shoved a huge needle in my back to numb me and laid me on the table.  I’m sitting there shaking, not sure if it was on the outside but I could definitely feel it in the inside.  Finally Michael gets to come in. Instant relief.  By this time I am cut open.  A few minutes, that seemed like hours, went by and here is the doctor holding up my baby girl.  She’s crying.  I’m full of all sorts of emotions, as she is wisked away to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).

The doctor closes me up and I am sent to my room.  I have to wait 8 hours before even seeing my baby.  Michael would go back and fourth taking pictures of the baby and then coming and showing her to me.

As if that wasn’t scary enough for a mom, what comes next is hell…..


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